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effective and dynamic advertising.


   P R I N T S

Due to the special Mediterranean climactic conditions on the island of Crete we offer our more than 30 years expertise in the knowledge concerning usage of materials for outdoor advertising.


The external advertising provide sign making, light-boxes,  coloured-neon letters, all kinds of letters on panels and stands, prints, letters burned-in wood, fonts made by plastic -  metals - wood - iron - steel on  shop windows or walls, cars and any other vehicles.  


Other artwork design on request.



Please ask us: 
  • Thorsten Loelf
    73008 Exopolis
    Crete/ Greece
    Tel. +30 28250 61766
    USt-IdNr: EL043109214




    Web Design

    We will work with you to develop an internet showcase that suits your particular needs in internet marketing.
    We can create and design your web presentation including construction of the website, banner advertising and circulation.
    Contact us for a free consultation.
    Outdoor Advertising

    Our Outdoor Advertising services include concept, design, production and installation for long lasting Outdoor Advertising on the Island of Crete.

    Our twenty years of experience, skill and expertise enables us to help you make the best choice of appropriate materials as panels, stands, LED and neon advertising on windows, walls, cars and other vehicles.
    Our clients range from village shop owners to holiday resorts.

    We specialize in Custom Orders and will be happy to meet with you to discuss your specific advertising needs.

    Printed Materials

    Our printed materials include the custom design of business cards, menus, brochures and flyers.


    Hotels and accommodations.