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The Apokoronas


On hot days you sit here comfortably under huge plane trees on the river bed "Voutakas". The place is famous for its yogurt, which is offered in several tavernas and cafés loose - with or without honey.


The former county town of the district of Apokoronas was Vamos. Tourists seldom get lost here.
It is well worth taking a walk to see the sights of the village, out of the village square.

Dorfplatz KournasThe village Kournas

The village has a beautiful panoramic view over the Georgioupoli bay.  Kournas (200 m above sea level) is approx. 3 km from the Lake Kournas.




Where today's Argiroupolis now is, was once the ancient settlement of Lappa, where up to 30000 people were supposed to live. A walk through Argiroupolis will give a taste of the great past. Below the village the land becomes especially idyllic. Hidden under huge trees there are the wells of Argiroupolis. Today at this spot small tavernas invite you for a meal.


The Lake Kournas

Deeply embedded in the Cretan mountains, reflected in the water from pale green to deep blue, they spot it: the only natural fresh-water lake of Crete, the "Limni Kourna".
Lake Kournas serves to supply drinking water and water for the fields. People go to swim and if someone fancies, he can rent a pedalo.
Everyone should encounter the "nature experience" Lake Kournas with respect. This sparse landscape with its ecotopes is protected as a habitat for many animals and plants!

The village of Kefalas, 282m above sea level, owes its name to the first residents there, called the Kephalades, the leaders of the Byzantine settlers sent to Crete in 1182. Once it was the principal town of the municipality of Apokoronas.


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